Daemon based on liblxc offering a REST API to manage containers

What is LXD?

LXD isn't a rewrite of LXC, in fact it's building on top of LXC to provide a new, better user experience. Under the hood, LXD uses LXC through liblxc and its Go binding to create and manage the containers. It's basically an alternative to LXC's tools and distribution template system with the added features that come from being controllable over the network.

LXD is a tool in the Virtual Machine Platforms & Containers category of a tech stack.

LXD is an open source tool with 2.2K Github Stars and 514 Github Forks. Here’s a link to LXD's open source repository on Github

Who Uses LXD?

4 companies use LXD including Stockopedia, Ocado Technology, and laptopbg.

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Why people like LXD

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LXD's alternatives

  • Docker - An open source project to pack, ship and run any application as a lightweight container
  • LXC - Linux containers
  • Vagrant Cloud - Share, discover, and create Vagrant environments
  • rkt - App Container runtime
  • ZeroVM - Open-source lightweight virtualization platform

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