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What is NodeGear?

NodeGear is a node.js hosting company. We host node.js applications and provide a simple control panel. Our goal is to simplify node.js hosting as much as possible. Our infrastructure runs on Docker, and all apps launched run on Docker.
NodeGear is a tool in the Node.js Hosting category of a tech stack.
Pros of NodeGear
Good Git integration

NodeGear's Features

  • Stream logs straight to the control panel
  • Add new processes to load balance your app (across datacentres)
  • Add environment variables, domains, subdomains (on .ngapp.io)
  • Stream process statistics straight to your control panel
  • SPDY support and free SSL on .ngapp.io
  • Get and set up mongodb and mysql databases.
  • The control panel is blazing fast, built with angular.js and socket.io
  • Monitoring emails. If your app goes down, you'll know it.

NodeGear Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to NodeGear?
We are Node.js experts and the first hosting platform to build our full stack in node. We understand your node application better than anyone.

NodeGear's Followers
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