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We are Node.js experts and the first hosting platform to build our full stack in node. We understand your node application better than anyone.

Nodejitsu's Features
  • The best Support in the industry, period- Amazing support from developers like you over IRC.
  • Single line deployment with ‘jitsu’- Our CLI tool was designed to give you the most user-friendly deployment ever. Just run ‘jitsu deploy’.
  • Joyent’s infrastructure, and the peace of mind that comes with it- Our partner, Joyent, provides infrastructure for all Individual Plans on blazing fast Joyent Smart Machines.
  • Continuous deployment with Github and TravisCI- Free continuous deployment for public and private repos through GitHub Webhooks and Travis CI.
  • Websocket support- Nodejitsu was the first platform to support Websockets. In fact, almost every platform supporting Websockets does so by using our Open Source node-http-proxy module.
  • Free hosting for your open source apps
  • Custom Domains- Free custom domains are available with every plan.
  • Easy database provisioning- Thanks to our partner integrations, using MongoDB, CouchDB or Redis on Nodejitsu is super easy.

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