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MongoLab is a fully-managed MongoDB Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) platform that automates the operational aspects of running MongoDB in the cloud.

MongoLab's Features
  • Standard driver and REST API support- Connect to your database using standard MongoDB drivers in the language of your choice or use MongoLab's JSON-based REST API.
  • Multi-cloud- Keep your database close to your app server! MongoLab hosts on all the major cloud platforms — Amazon, Joyent, Rackspace, and Windows Azure — and has partnered with all of the major Platform-as-a-Service providers to enable seamless integration with the application tier.
  • Web-based management tools- You can save and execute common searches with tabular data views and edit any document with a single click. You can view logs in real time and retrieve previous days' logs as needed. You can see DB statistics and optimize your queries and indexes
  • our robots can even offer you specific suggestions based on analysis of your query patterns.
  • High availability- In addition to single-node databases, MongoLab offers multi-node Replica Set clusters with automatic failover for production applications with demanding uptime requirements.
  • Continuous monitoring and alerting- MongoLab is constantly monitoring the health and performance of every server, ensuring your database stays up and stays fast.
  • Replication and backups- We replicate, backup, and redundantly archive all of our databases to ensure your data is as safe as possible.
  • Premium support- In addition to MongoLab's standard no-fuss email support, our higher-end production plan customers get premium support. This includes a 24x7 emergency hotline as well as Gold-level commercial support from 10gen, the makers of MongoDB.

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