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Cloud Servers is based on OpenStack, the open and scalable operating system for building public and private clouds. With the open cloud, you get reliable cloud hosting, without locking your data into one proprietary platform.

Rackspace Cloud Servers's Features
  • 100% power and network uptime guarantee
  • Cloud choice- We run the world’s largest open cloud, giving you flexibility, choice, and no vendor lock-in. That means your workloads are portable. Host them with any open cloud vendor—or even in your own data center.
  • Technical expertise- We employ more Red Hat® Certified Engineers than any other hosting company. And over 100 Rackspace employees have earned the title of Microsoft® Certified Professional.
  • Our people make the difference- Have a question or problem? Our cloud specialists would love to help anytime, 24x7x365. Learn more about the support that comes with your cloud account.
  • Provision Cloud Servers in minutes—it’s easy
  • Ecommerce website hosting- Highly available, scalable online stores.
  • SaaS applications- Focus on your application, not your infrastructure.
  • Websites- Get a global, media-rich online presence, backed by Fanatical Support.
  • Test and dev environments- Add more agility to your application’s lifecycle.
  • Campaigns- Let us provide the resources to power your viral campaign or traffic-intensive app.

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