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Chef enables you to manage and scale cloud infrastructure with no downtime or interruptions. Freely move applications and configurations from one cloud to another. Chef is integrated with all major cloud providers including Amazon EC2, VMWare, IBM Smartcloud, Rackspace, OpenStack, Windows Azure, HP Cloud, Google Compute Engine, Joyent Cloud and others.

Chef's Features
  • Access to 800+ Reusable Cookbooks
  • Integration with Leading Cloud Providers
  • Enterprise Platform Support including Windows and Solaris
  • Create, Bootstrap and Manage OpenStack Clouds
  • Easy Installation with 'one-click' Omnibus Installer
  • Automatic System Discovery with Ohai
  • Text-Based Search Capabilities
  • Multiple Environment Support
  • "Knife" Command Line Interface
  • "Dry Run" Mode for Testing Potential Changes
  • Manage 10,000+ Nodes on a Single Chef Server
  • Available as a Hosted Service
  • Centralized Activity and Resource Reporting
  • "Push" Command and Control Client Runs
  • Multi-Tenancy
  • Role-Based Access Control [RBAC]
  • High Availability Installation Support and Verification
  • Centralized Authentication Using LDAP or Active Directory

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