What are the best Build, Test, Deploy Tools?

GitHub, Git, Docker, Visual Studio Code, and npm are the most popular tools in the category "Build, Test, Deploy". "Open source friendly" is the primary reason developers pick GitHub over its competitors, while "Distributed version control system" is the reason why Git was chosen.

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Python Build Tools Go Testing Server Configuration and Automation AWS Tools Dependency Monitoring Tools for Text Editors Browser Testing Realtime Code Collaboration Cloud IDE Dependency Management Text Processors API Documentation Browser Package Managers Automated Build Tools Sandbox as a Service Static Type Checkers Version Control System Database Cluster Management Source Code Management Desktop Apps Secrets Management Website Performance Testing Cloud Management localhost Tools Microservices Tools Microservice Catalog Virtual Machine Server Software Containers as a Service Code Coverage Open Source Cloud Continuous Deployment Text Editor Tools for GitLab Front End Scaffolding Tools Virtualization Platform Web Cache Cluster Management Virtual Machine Management JS Build Tools / JS Task Runners Docker Registry Continuous Integration Front End Package Manager Deployment as a Service In-Browser Testing Java Build Tools Load Balancer / Reverse Proxy Test Management Rails Testing Fault Tolerance Tools Live Reloading Markdown Editors Tools for GitHub Composable Web Service Framework Integrated Development Environment C / C++ Build Tools Testing Frameworks Programming & Code Analytics Headless Browsers Container Tools Open Source Service Discovery HTTP Traffic Replay JavaScript Optimizers Collaborative Text Editor Infrastructure Build Tools Mercurial Tools JavaScript Compilers Architecture Design Tools Feature Flags Management Secrets Detection Git Tools Benchmarking Integrated Development Environment Tools Code Review Javascript Testing Framework Hosted Package Repository Virtual Machine Platforms & Containers Mobile Continuous Integration Mobile Testing Frameworks DevOps Automation Beta Testing / Mobile App Distribution Code Search Code Intelligence Code Collaboration & Version Control