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What is MongoLab?

mLab is the largest cloud MongoDB service in the world, hosting over a half million deployments on AWS, Azure, and Google.

What is Compose?

Compose makes it easy to spin up multiple open source databases with just one click. Deploy MongoDB for production, take Redis out for a performance test drive, or spin up RethinkDB in development before rolling it out to production.


Why do developers choose MongoLab?
  • Why do you like MongoLab?

    Why do developers choose Compose?
  • Why do you like Compose?


    What are the cons of using MongoLab?
    No Cons submitted yet for MongoLab
    Downsides of MongoLab?

    What are the cons of using Compose?
    No Cons submitted yet for Compose
    Downsides of Compose?


    How much does MongoLab cost?
    MongoLab Pricing
    How much does Compose cost?
    Compose Pricing


    What companies use MongoLab?
    102 companies on StackShare use MongoLab
    What companies use Compose?
    83 companies on StackShare use Compose


    What tools integrate with MongoLab?
    14 tools on StackShare integrate with MongoLab
    What tools integrate with Compose?
    15 tools on StackShare integrate with Compose

    What is an alternative to MongoLab and Compose?

    • MongoDB Atlas - Deploy and scale a MongoDB cluster in the cloud with just a few clicks

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