Introducing StackShare Enterprise - the world’s first tech stack intelligence platform

Today we’re proud to announce that Private StackShare is now known as StackShare Enterprise! Along with the name change, we’re releasing a number of new features and capabilities that enable companies to defeat tech sprawl and make better data-driven technology decisions. We’re also proud to announce that over one thousand companies are now using StackShare Enterprise and we’re currently processing over 1.5 million webhooks for customers per week 🤯

“I use StackShare a lot. I check in regularly to monitor our outstanding tech debt across the company, and alerts on Slack keep me updated on stack changes. We’ve saved hundreds of thousands of dollars so far by moving people to a standard set of technologies, with the potential to eventually save millions. We can then reinvest the savings back into products or other areas of the business.” - Jeff Green, CTO, Tyler Technologies

As we’ve written about previously, tech sprawl is the enemy 🥊 There are well over 40,000 open source & SaaS dev tools to choose from on StackShare alone.

For companies with hundreds or thousands of codebases, this means there’s a lot of variation in what’s being used across engineering teams. StackShare Enterprise gives companies instant real-time visibility into what technologies are being used across all their Git repos. No more spreadsheets, wikis, or custom scripts to figure out what’s being used, where, and by whom 😅

“StackShare has saved us hundreds of hours compiling, maintaining, and updating information on our stacks. We can now track it all in real time.” - Chris Cummings, Senior Director of Architecture, Tyler Technologies

Benefits of StackShare Enterprise

There are three core benefits of using StackShare Enterprise that all amount to helping you make more data-driven technology decisions.

Make your technology usage visible

Individual developers often have no way of knowing what other teams have done to solve similar problems. StackShare Enterprise gives everyone a single source of truth around which solutions are in use, so your teams can move forward with confidence.

  • Discover and share commonalities
  • Break down engineering silos
  • Avoid duplication of efforts
  • Enhance collaboration
  • Prevent tech debt

“We have hundreds of different modules floating around in random GitHub repositories that nobody knows anything about. So StackShare for me, personally, makes it much easier to choose which module I like by looking up what I’m using now and doing a cross-comparison to see what other options are available.” - Principal Software Engineer, Fortune 500 Company

Track updates across all your stacks in real time

The larger and more complex your tech stack footprint, the harder it is to track ongoing changes using manual processes or traditional tools. StackShare Enterprise automates stack monitoring, sending you real-time alerts with complete, accurate, timely data.

  • Automatically document and share stack decisions
  • Know the who/what/when of all stack changes
  • See stack change alerts in Slack/MS Teams
  • Simplify stack profile monitoring
  • See updates in pull requests

“Integration was a breeze- we were up and running in a matter of minutes… we have a lot of engineers in the StackShare Slack channel. It lets us see stack changes like minor/major version bumps being made across all of our repos in real-time, before any other tools surface them, which is awesome.” - Evan Robinson, VP of Engineering, AxleHire

Consolidate technologies and improve governance

Multiple versions of competing technologies can fragment expertise, expand vulnerabilities, and inhibit innovation. StackShare Enterprise enables you to manage approved technologies, including versions, so you can more easily execute your technical vision.

  • Consolidate versions, tools, stacks, and supply chains
  • Boost team speed and innovation
  • Provide autonomy with guardrails
  • Improve security and compliance
  • Tool lifecycle management

“One of my big goals for using StackShare is to get a view of where we’re at, internally and then use that to help communicate why it’s important for us to be upgrading. So it’s partly a security story, partly a let’s tackle tech debt story. And it also helps us have some standards and consolidation around things that most of the organization knows.” - Chief Architect, Series E Startup

Three Tiers of StackShare Enterprise


Just as before, there’s a Free Forever plan for individuals and for small companies that want to connect up to 10 private repos. This allows you to have the basic functionality of StackShare Enterprise - visibility into what tools, versions, vulnerabilities you have across your repos. You get basic alerting, reports, and private search.


For companies with less than 1,000 Git repos and a team of developers that need additional functionality like fine-grained alerts, Applications (the ability to group repos together), and SSO we’re introducing the “Team” tier. Previously, this plan was known as “Startup” and the pricing was based on the number of users you had. With the new “Team” plan, you can have unlimited users and the price is set at $500 per month (regardless of how many repos you connect).


The updated “Enterprise” tier is for companies with thousands of Git repos, multiple organizations/projects, or multiple Git hosting providers (VCSs), and need governance, compliance, and enterprise-level support. Here are the specific features for the different tiers:

New features and capabilities

Over the past few months we’ve worked closely with customers ranging from fast growing startups like AxleHire, to public companies like Tyler Technologies, all across multiple industries. This led us to creating tons of new features and capabilities. We’ll start with the biggest themes:


  • Tool Version Adoption Stages
  • Reporting & Email Alerts


  • Vulnerability Reports & Alerts


  • Open source license data (via API)
  • Open source license reporting (via Tools Report)

With those three pillars serving as the foundation for the many use cases customers have, we built out tons of new functionality to support companies that operate at the scale of thousands of Git repos and thousands of software developers:

  • Multi-VCS support in a single account (e.g. GitHub + Bitbucket/Azure)
  • Internal Private Package Ingestion (Artifactory, npm)
  • Multi-Org support (with dashboard context switcher)
  • GitHub Enterprise Server (On-Prem) Integration
  • Bitbucket Cloud & Server (On-Prem) Integration
  • Repo-Application Mapping (groupings for repos)
  • Additional Package Manager Support
    • Go Packages
    • RubyGems
    • NuGet
    • npm
    • PyPI
    • Apache Maven
  • MS Teams Integration (Stack Alerts)
  • Ignore Custom Repos
  • API Access

Coming Soon

GitLab Integration (Cloud & On-Prem)

SOC2 Certification (Type 1 Complete, Type 2 Pending) We are actively working towards our SOC 2 Type 2 certification by monitoring and patching alerts raised by our compliance monitoring platform.

Go ahead and sign up for StackShare Enterprise for free, or contact us to set up a demo!

ICYMI - Today, we announced that Over 1,000 Engineering Teams Have Adopt StackShare Enterprise To Defeat Tech Sprawl