Introducing the NEW Job Board

Searching for jobs on StackShare just got a major upgrade - today, we’re releasing a complete redesign and overhaul of Jobs on StackShare (previously called Stack Match).

Last month, we launched brand new Company Engineering Profiles - an easy way for you to see open jobs and engineering content from companies like Pinterest or LaunchDarkly, and now you have a new way to search for relevant jobs that fit your skillset.

The new and improved Job Board has all the features that made Stack Match unique like:

  • 🛠 Search for jobs based on tools/skills

  • 💼 ‘Saved Job Search’

  • 📧 Email alerts for new jobs that match your stack

Aside from updating the visual design, we’ve added a handful of features that you and the rest of the community have requested:

  • ⚡️ Search is much faster

  • 🌍 We’ve added location-based search to show you listings close to you (thanks to Algolia Geo Location)

  • 📌 Added the ability to bookmark listings (so you can apply for them later)

  • 🏢 Easily browse jobs from companies that you follow

How to best use Job Board


You can refine your search queries for job listings based on job title, industry, company, and keywords like 'remote,' 'contracting,' and 'part-time.'

Best of all, you can refine your query by searching for jobs based on tools and technologies you want to work with, in your next role.


This was the most requested feature from the community. You can now save multiple jobs that interest you and apply for them later.


Using the new Company Engineering Profiles, you can now explore all the engineering resources like tech stacks and stack decisions of a company in one place and apply for positions at companies that interest you. Premium/Sponsored Company Engineering Profiles (shown with a Yellow outline) will have more info about their engineering team.

Saved Search

Do you have a particular role, set of tech, location, or all of the above that you’re looking for often? Use the ‘Saved Job Search’ feature to save a search query and easily see your preferred roles without having to re-enter the search criteria again and again.

Follow Companies

Not actively seeking a job? You can follow the companies that match your skillset on StackShare and easily browse their roles when you are ready to make a transition in your career.

We’d love to hear what you think about your experience using our new Job Board - email us anytime at