A Relay inspired library for building React.js + Firebase applications
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React.js makes managing state easy to reason about. Firebase makes persisting your data easy to implement. re-base, inspired by Relay, combines the benefits of React and Firebase by allowing each component to specify its own data dependency. Forget about your data persistence and focus on what really matters, your application's state.

Re-base's Features
  • syncState: Two way data binding between any property on your component's state and any endpoint in Firebase. Use the same API you're used to to update your component's state (setState), and Firebase will also update.
  • bindToState: One way data binding. Whenever your Firebase endpoint changes, the property on your state will update as well.
  • listenTo: Whenever your Firebase endpoint changes, it will invoke a callback passing it the new data from Firebase.
  • fetch: Retrieve data from Firebase without setting up any binding or listeners.
  • post: Add new data to Firebase.
  • removeBinding: Remove all of the Firebase listeners when your component unmounts.
  • reset: Removes all of the Firebase listeners and resets the singleton (for testing purposes).