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You just load your UI components into the React Storybook and start developing them. This functionality allows you to develop UI components rapidly without worrying about the app. It will improve your team’s collaboration and feedback loop.

React Storybook's Features
  • Isolated environment for your components (with the use of various iframe tactics).
  • Hot module reloading (even for functional stateless components).
  • Works with any app (whether it's Redux, Relay or Meteor).
  • Support for CSS (whether it's plain old CSS, CSS modules or something fancy).
  • Clean and fast user interface.
  • Runs inside your project (so, it uses your app's NPM modules and babel configurations out of the box).
  • Serves static files (if you host static files inside your app).
  • Deploy the whole storybook as a static app.
  • Extendable as necessary (support for custom webpack loaders and plugins).