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At Sett, we think that writing great posts is hard enough, so we cover everything else for you: helping you get readers, keep readers, create content easily, and make your blog fast and stable. Switching to Sett, on average, will get you 10% more subscribers and a whopping 98% more comments. This isn't a happy accident-- it's the result of nine years of experience blogging, and two years of meticulously studying blogging and building a new platform from the ground up. Sett is built to enable your writing to reach the audience that you deserve.

SETT's Features
  • Built in Community Section
  • The Community Section is like a built-in forum for your readers
  • Rackspace Cloud Hosting
  • Amazon Worldwide CDN
  • You Own Your Data
  • Multifactor Comment Spam Blocking
  • Built in Analytics
  • Custom Domain Name
  • Javascript Sandbox
  • Custom Feed Address
  • Switchable Themes (beta)
  • AWeber Integration (Coming Soon)
  • Skimlinks Integration
  • Multiple Moderators
  • Custom Sidebar Box