A/B Testing for Apps & Games
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Splitforce is A/B testing for mobile apps and games. Test different versions of your native apps and track how each version is driving user behavior, to make decisions that improve your product without having to think twice.

Splitforce's Features
  • Free for 500 daily active users (DAU): Include up to 500 daily active users in your experiments for free
  • Unlimited Experimentation: Test as many components (i.e.: button color, sign up page layout, gravity level) as you wish in one experiment, or put them in separate experiments.
  • Targeted Variations: Display variations to specific user groups based on their device type, language settings, or any other custom targeting data you can think of.
  • Debug Mode: Force different variations before going live to make sure that they’re all looking good.
  • Set Default Variation: For users that are offline or have a slow connection, display a hard-coded default variation to ensure an uninterrupted experience and track it’s performance.
  • Set Frequency: Limit the performance risk of new variations by setting their frequency to any percentage of your user base.
  • Rollout a Winner: Send a best-performing variation to your entire user base with just one click.
  • Cohort Identification: Identify which cohorts specific users belong to and pull identification data into your third-party or bespoke analytics platforms.