IronDB vs. JSONlite

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What is IronDB?

IronDB is the best way to store persistent key-value data in the browser. Data saved to IronDB is redundantly stored in Cookies, IndexedDB, LocalStorage, and SessionStorage, and relentlessly self heals if any data therein is deleted or corrupted.

What is JSONlite?

JSONlite sandboxes the current working directory similar to SQLite. The JSONlite data directory is named by default, and each json document is saved pretty printed as a uuid.
Why do developers choose IronDB?
Why do you like IronDB?

Why do developers choose JSONlite?
Why do you like JSONlite?

What are the cons of using IronDB?
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Downsides of IronDB?

What are the cons of using JSONlite?
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Downsides of JSONlite?

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What companies use IronDB?
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What companies use JSONlite?
0 companies on StackShare use JSONlite
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What tools integrate with JSONlite?
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What are some alternatives to IronDB and JSONlite?

  • MySQL - The world's most popular open source database
  • PostgreSQL - A powerful, open source object-relational database system
  • MongoDB - The database for giant ideas
  • MariaDB - An enhanced, drop-in replacement for MySQL

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