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Pros of Nodal.js
Pros of Passenger
Pros of Sanic
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      Nginx integration
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      Great for rails
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      Fast web server
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    • 14
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      Rolling restarts
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      Out-of-process architecture
    • 6
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      Virtually infinitely scalable
    • 2
      Deployment error resistance
    • 2
      Mass deployment
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      Many of its good features are only enterprise level
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      Apache integration
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      Asynchronous I/O
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      Multiple programming language support
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      Easy to use server
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    Cons of Nodal.js
    Cons of Passenger
    Cons of Sanic
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        Cost (some features require paid/pro)
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        What is Nodal.js?

        Nodal is a web server for Node.js that was built with the sole purpose of making the developer's life easier.Boasting its own opinionated, explicit, idiomatic and highly-extensible full-service framework, Nodal takes care of all of the hard decisions for you and your team. This allows you to focus on creating an effective product in a short timespan while minimizing technical debt.

        What is Passenger?

        Phusion Passenger is a web server and application server, designed to be fast, robust and lightweight. It takes a lot of complexity out of deploying web apps, adds powerful enterprise-grade features that are useful in production, and makes administration much easier and less complex.

        What is Sanic?

        Sanic is a Flask-like Python 3.5+ web server that's written to go fast. It's based on the work done by the amazing folks at magicstack. On top of being Flask-like, Sanic supports async request handlers.

        Need advice about which tool to choose?Ask the StackShare community!

        What companies use Nodal.js?
        What companies use Passenger?
        What companies use Sanic?

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        What tools integrate with Nodal.js?
        What tools integrate with Passenger?
        What tools integrate with Sanic?

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        What are some alternatives to Nodal.js, Passenger, and Sanic?
        nginx [engine x] is an HTTP and reverse proxy server, as well as a mail proxy server, written by Igor Sysoev. According to Netcraft nginx served or proxied 30.46% of the top million busiest sites in Jan 2018.
        Apache HTTP Server
        The Apache HTTP Server is a powerful and flexible HTTP/1.1 compliant web server. Originally designed as a replacement for the NCSA HTTP Server, it has grown to be the most popular web server on the Internet.
        Microsoft IIS
        Internet Information Services (IIS) for Windows Server is a flexible, secure and manageable Web server for hosting anything on the Web. From media streaming to web applications, IIS's scalable and open architecture is ready to handle the most demanding tasks.
        Apache Tomcat
        Apache Tomcat powers numerous large-scale, mission-critical web applications across a diverse range of industries and organizations.
        OpenResty (aka. ngx_openresty) is a full-fledged web application server by bundling the standard Nginx core, lots of 3rd-party Nginx modules, as well as most of their external dependencies.
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