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What is Prerender?

Search engines and social networks are always trying to crawl your pages, but they only see the javascript tags...We render your javascript in a browser, save the static HTML, and you return that to the crawlers!

What is SEO4Ajax?

SEO4Ajax is a service that makes your Ajax/JavaScript/SPA site indexable from Google, other search engines and social networks.

What is SnapSearch?

Snapsearch is a search engine optimisation (SEO) and robot proxy for complex front-end javascript & AJAX enabled (potentially realtime) HTML5 web applications. Snapsearch's middleware detects and intercepts requests made by search engines, then sends its own javascript enabled scrapers to cache a snapshot of your web page. The snapshot is seamlessly and transparently passed back to the search engine through your web application.

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Galaxy’s Prerender service is upgrading to Chrome!

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