Rover vs. Pushmote

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What is Rover?

Rover’s iBeacon platform enables mobile apps to deliver engaging mobile experiences, triggered by proximity, as users navigate a physical location

What is Pushmote?

Manage iBeacon interactions, easily. Create content, gamification and marketing scenarios, tag users, see detailed analytics and heat maps.

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Why do developers choose Rover?
Why do you like Rover?

Why do developers choose Pushmote?
Why do you like Pushmote?


What are the cons of using Rover?
No Cons submitted yet for Rover
Downsides of Rover?

What are the cons of using Pushmote?
No Cons submitted yet for Pushmote
Downsides of Pushmote?


How much does Rover cost?
Rover Pricing
How much does Pushmote cost?


What companies use Rover?
1 companies on StackShare use Rover
What companies use Pushmote?
0 companies on StackShare use Pushmote

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