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A gmail extension that shows customer's Stripe information alongside the emails they send you

What is Stripe for Gmail?

The Stripe for Gmail extension lets you see which emails are from your Stripe customers. This extension matches email addresses in Gmail to the email address of customers in Stripe. Whenever a match is found, an indicator will show next to every email in any list of emails. When you open a conversation in Gmail, the sidebar will fill with a summary of Stripe customer information.
Stripe for Gmail is a tool in the SaaS for Stripe category of a tech stack.
Stripe for Gmail is an open source tool with 155 GitHub stars and 15 GitHub forks. Here’s a link to Stripe for Gmail's open source repository on GitHub

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Stripe for Gmail's features

  • Adds indicators to your inbox to show you which emails are from customers in your stripe account
  • When reading an email conversation, the sidebar populates with information about the customer in stripe like how much they've been charged total, recent subscriptions, invoices and payments

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