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Learn more about your customers with individual visitor timelines and metrics that are customised to your web or mobile app.'s Features
  • Acquistion- Discover what's driving your signups and measure all the way through to revenue.
  • Activation- Optimise onboarding so that your hard-earned signups actually use your app.
  • Retention- Monitor how users return to your app. Track which methods are pulling them back.
  • Revenue- See the lifetime revenue of each customer and traffic source to adjust your marketing.
  • Referral- User referrals are the holy grail of growth hacking. Monitor who's bringing in users an revenue.Timelines of Each Customer's Activity
  • 360° Customer Profiles
  • Build Reports on Customer Activity
  • Interactive charts
  • Track offline activity such as phone calls, meetings, and networking events
  • Distinguish Between Different Channels

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