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Create a video room. Share the link. Appear together. Built with WebRTC & AngularJS. is a tool in the Screen Sharing category of a tech stack.

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30 companies use including Sherpa, Startupxplore, and pludoni GmbH - RoR. integrates with

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Arik Fraimovich
Arik Fraimovich

As a fully remote team we needed a reliable tool for video calls. We tried for some time as it was nice to use a tool that uses web technologies and doesn't require a dedicated client. But eventually, as we needed a reliable tool, we decided to go all in with Zoom. 💯

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  • iPhone App
  • Create an room and send the link to the room on e-mail, chat, SMS etc
  • No installation required's alternatives

  • Screenhero - Screen sharing made for remote developers. Better than working in the same room
  • - Instant screen sharing. Instant Aha!

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