Develop, deploy, and maintain your application anywhere. Use one console and one workflow from development to production

What is Atlas?

Atlas is one foundation to manage and provide visibility to your servers, containers, VMs, configuration management, service discovery, and additional operations services.

Atlas is a tool in the Infrastructure Build Tools category of a tech stack.

Who Uses Atlas?

3 companies use Atlas including Cyta, HashiCorp, and SATO Vicinity.

Why people like Atlas

Here’s a list of reasons why companies and developers use Atlas.

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Atlas's Features

  • One command to develop any application: vagrant up
  • One command to deploy any application: vagrant push

Atlas's alternatives

  • Terraform - Describe your complete infrastructure as code and build resources across providers
  • AWS CloudFormation - Create and manage a collection of related AWS resources
  • Packer - Create identical machine images for multiple platforms from a single source configuration
  • GeoEngineer - Ruby DSL and DSL (geo) to codify then plan and execute changes to cloud resources, by Coinbase
  • Habitat - Application Automation framework by Chef

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