Automatic cross browser layout testing

What is Browserbite?

Browserbite looks at the screenshots for you using complex computer vision and machine learning techniques and finds the problems for you.

Browserbite is a tool in the Browser Testing category of a tech stack.

Why people like Browserbite

Here’s a list of reasons why companies and developers use Browserbite.

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Browserbite's Features

  • Parallel testing
  • Superhuman visual comparison

Browserbite's alternatives

  • Selenium - Web Browser Automation
  • BrowserStack - Instant access to a lab of 1000+ real mobile and desktop browsers for testing.
  • Karma - Spectacular Test Runner for JavaScript
  • LambdaTest - Perform Cross Browser Testing on 2000+ Real Browsers and Operating System Online
  • Sauce Labs - Test mobile or web apps instantly across 700+ browser/OS/device platform combinations - without infrastructure setup.

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