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DotCi is a Jenkins plugin created by Groupon that makes job management easy with built-in GitHub integration, push-button job creation, and YAML powered build configuration and customization. It comes prepackaged with Docker support as well, which means bootstrapping a new build environment from scratch can take as little as 15 minutes. DotCi has been a critical tool for Groupon internally for managing build and release pipelines for the wide variety of technologies in their SOA landscape.

DotCi's Features
  • Deep Integration with Source Control – for us that’s Github Enterprise
  • Integration with Github webhooks
  • Feedback sent to the committer or pusher via Email, Hipchat, Campfire, etc.
  • Setting of commit and pull request statuses on Github
  • Push button build setup
  • Dynamic dependency loading at build runtime
  • Easy, version controlled build configuration
  • Simple parallelization
  • Customizable behavior based on environment variables (e.g. branch name)
  • Docker support!