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GitUp lets you see your entire labyrinth of branches and merges with perfect clarity. Any change you make, large or small, even outside GitUp, is immediately reflected in GitUp's graph. No refreshing, no waiting.

GitUp's Features
  • Highlight a commit and hit the spacebar to quickly see its message and diff.
  • GitUp gives you full, transparent control over your local checkout, so it's easy to back out from unwanted changes.
  • GitUp's Snapshot feature builds a Time-Machine-like history of every change made to your repo, allowing you to step backwards to any point in time.
  • Rewrite, split, delete, and re-order commits, fixup and squash, cherry-pick, merge, rebase—It's all here, and it's lightning-fast.
  • GitUp puts the power in your fingertips. Surf your repo, make changes, and rewind it all back with a few short keystrokes.

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