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What is Hyperapp?

Out of the box, Hyperapp combines state management with a VDOM engine that supports keyed updates & lifecycle events — all with no dependencies.
Hyperapp is a tool in the Javascript UI Libraries category of a tech stack.
Hyperapp is an open source tool with GitHub stars and GitHub forks. Here’s a link to Hyperapp's open source repository on GitHub

Who uses Hyperapp?

3 companies reportedly use Hyperapp in their tech stacks, including Lookin, product, and Hyperstart.

29 developers on StackShare have stated that they use Hyperapp.

Hyperapp Integrations

Hyperapp's Features

  • 2x faster than react
  • Minimal
  • Functional
  • Batteries-included
  • 10ms time to interactive

Hyperapp Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to Hyperapp?
Lots of people use React as the V in MVC. Since React makes no assumptions about the rest of your technology stack, it's easy to try it out on a small feature in an existing project.
Preact is an attempt to recreate the core value proposition of React (or similar libraries like Mithril) using as little code as possible, with first-class support for ES2015. Currently the library is around 3kb (minified & gzipped).
Mithril is around 12kb gzipped thanks to its small, focused, API. It provides a templating engine with a virtual DOM diff implementation for performant rendering, utilities for high-level modelling via functional composition, as well as support for routing and componentization.
If you've ever built a JavaScript application, the chances are you've encountered – or at least heard of – frameworks like React, Angular, Vue and Ractive. Like Svelte, these tools all share a goal of making it easy to build slick interactive user interfaces. Rather than interpreting your application code at run time, your app is converted into ideal JavaScript at build time. That means you don't pay the performance cost of the framework's abstractions, or incur a penalty when your app first loads.
Writing HTML apps is super easy with elm-lang/html. Not only does it render extremely fast, it also quietly guides you towards well-architected code.
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