UI composition & animation in pure HTML
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UX patterns like menus, sliders, layers & lightboxes, parallax effects, page-swipes, zoom effects, etc. are really just interactive animated layers. layerJS is a simple open source library that provides one simple universal concept to create such patterns in pure HTML.

layerJS's Features
  • Universal - One library for all UX patterns. Slider, Popups, Accordeon, Menu, Parallax, (Touch) Gestures, etc.
  • Pure HTML - Layout your interface with HTML attributes and define interaction with Links
  • Plays with - Angular, VueJS, React, jQuery. Use your framework to modify frame content or generate frames dynamically.
  • All designs - Totally design agnostic. layerJS just provides the navigation effects while leaving the design up to you.
  • Lean - 30kb minimized gzipped. No dependencies.
  • Responsive - Works on mobile or desktop. Use your choice of media queries. Adds even more options to fit content to different screens.