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It's a command line tool, and Python library. Find differences in database schemas as easily as running a diff on two text files. Migra makes schema changes almost automatic. Management of database migration deployments becomes much easier, faster, and more reliable.
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What are some alternatives to migra?
Sequel Pro
Sequel Pro is a fast, easy-to-use Mac database management application for working with MySQL databases.
PostGIS is a spatial database extender for PostgreSQL object-relational database. It adds support for geographic objects allowing location queries to be run in SQL.
Open PostgreSQL Monitoring
Open PostgreSQL Monitoring is a free software designed to help you manage your PostgreSQL servers.
Easy to setup, simple to master. Flyway lets you regain control of your database migrations with pleasure and plain sql. Solves only one problem and solves it well. Flyway migrates your database, so you don't have to worry about it anymore.
Developers store database changes in text-based files on their local development machines and apply them to their local databases. Changelog files can be be arbitrarily nested for better management.
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