What is NeoBundle?

NeoBundle is a next generation Vim plugin manager. This plugin is based on Vundle, but I renamed and added tons of features, while Vundle tends to stay simple.
NeoBundle is a tool in the Tools for Text Editors category of a tech stack.
NeoBundle is an open source tool with 2.2K GitHub stars and 169 GitHub forks. Here’s a link to NeoBundle's open source repository on GitHub

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NeoBundle's features

  • Plugin prefixed command name (:Bundle vs :NeoBundle).
  • Support for vimproc (asynchronous update/install).
  • Support for unite.vim interface (update/install/search).
  • Support for revision locking.
  • Support for multiple version control systems (Subversion/Git).
  • Support for lazy initialization for optimizing startup time.

NeoBundle Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to NeoBundle?
Vundle is short for Vim bundle and is a Vim plugin manager.
A minimalist Vim plugin manager.
Since version 0.101.0 and later Spacemacs totally abolishes the frontiers between Vim and Emacs. The user can now choose his/her preferred editing style and enjoy all the Spacemacs features. Even better, it is possible to dynamically switch between the two styles seamlessly which makes it possible for programmers with different styles to do seat pair programming using the same editor.
A collection of Atom UIs to support language services as part of Atom IDE, designed for use with packages built on top of atom-languageclient.
Your editor and web browser don't know anything about each other, which is why you end up continuously switching between them. Kite bridges that gap, bringing an internet-connected programming experience right alongside your editor.
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