The iOS and Android App for Heroku. The only Heroku App with console access and two-factor auth.

What is Nezumi for Heroku?

Manage your Heroku apps on the go.

Nezumi for Heroku is a tool in the Platform as a Service Tools category of a tech stack.

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Why people like Nezumi for Heroku

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Nezumi for Heroku's Features

  • Two-factor Authentication - Nezumi is the only app that fully supports the new Heroku Two-factor authentication. Sign in securely, even from your mobile device.
  • Multiple Accounts - Most users have to manage multiple Heroku accounts, so Nezumi was built around multiple account support. Add and manage as many accounts as you need.
  • Scale Immediately - Whether your site just hit Hacker News or your background job queue has filled up, Nezumi lets you scale your processes right from your mobile device.
  • Anytime, Anywhere - Check your logs, scale your processes, and even add collaborators. Nezumi is with you on the go so you can manage you app, no matter where you are.

Nezumi for Heroku's alternatives

  • Parse-Server - Parse-compatible API server module for Node/Express
  • React Native Firebase - A well tested Firebase implementation for React Native, supporting both iOS & Android apps
  • Jungle - Simple CLI for AWS operations
  • djangae - The best way to run Django on Google App Engine
  • Adept Scale - Automated Scaling of Heroku Dynos

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