MySQL replication topology management and HA (by GitHub)

What is orchestrator?

orchestrator actively crawls through your topologies and maps them. It reads basic MySQL info such as replication status and configuration. It provides with slick visualization of your topologies, including replication problems, even in the face of failures.

orchestrator is a tool in the Database Tools category of a tech stack.

orchestrator is an open source tool with 2.73K Github Stars and 393 Github Forks. Here’s a link to orchestrator's open source repository on Github

Who Uses orchestrator?

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orchestrator's Features

  • Controlled master takeovers
  • Manual failovers
  • Failover auditing
  • Audited operations
  • Pseudo-GTID
  • Datacenter/physical location awareness
  • MySQL-Pool association
  • HTTP security/authentication methods

orchestrator's alternatives

  • Sequel Pro - MySQL database management for Mac OS X
  • PostGIS - Open source spatial database
  • Open PostgreSQL Monitoring - Oversee and Manage Your PostgreSQL Servers
  • Liquibase - Source control for your database
  • Flyway - Database Migrations Made Easy

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