The 10 Hottest New Developer Tools in June 2018

Every week we send out the the newest tools added to StackShare in our Newsletter. Machine learning continued to be a trend, and we added an entire ML platform plus ML-backed testing. June also featured some exciting additions in analytics, serverless, and of course, front end. These are the tools added in June 2018 that were the most favorited, commented on, and/or added to Stacks.

1. Architect

Architect Logo

Everyone loves a good serverless framework. This month's most popular new tool on StackShare was a new one built for creating your serverless AWS infrasctructure. The main draw to this framework is the dead-simple .arc manifest. Just a handful of lines of code will get you up and running.

Note: If you're looking for a serverless framework that's not bound to AWS, check out Serverless.

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2. Fathom Analytics

Fathom Analytics Logo

An analytics tool that places privacy first? Fathom is an open source, self-hosted website analytics tool that collects zero personally identifiable information about your users. It's great news for GDPR-compliance and privacy advocates. The current version gives you a simple view of your top pages and referrers, but we look forward to seeing what's next.

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3. Vuesax

Vuesax Logo

Vue.js development just got much easier. Vuesax is a library of pre-built components for your next project or "Bootstrap for Vue". Just about every component you'll need for quick front-end development is included and beautifully styled.

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4. Glamorous

Glamorous Logo

Glamorous is a tool we use here at StackShare for writing maintainable CSS in React. It was created by profilic programmer, Kent C. Dodds, at PayPal. The only downside is that it's no longer maintained. The author recommends starting new projects with Emotion instead.

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5. mabl

mabl logo

What if there was a service that automatically maintained your tests and identified regressions? That's what mabl offers with their ML-driven test automation service. Record tests once with the Chrome extension, and the service will automatically monitor for changes, suggest fixes, and alert you when it identifies a regression.

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6. Flute Mail API

Flute Mail Logo

Flute Mail API integrates with transactional mail providers like SendGrid, Mailgun, and Postmark with the promise of boosting your deliverability, open rates, and click rates. One of the core features is automated handling of bounces. If a message bounces through SendGrid, Flute will automatically retry through another provider.

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7. Proppy

Proppy Logo

Proppy provides an easy way to keep your front end components stateless. Instead, you can compose your props in functions to allow easier testing and maintainability. The best part is that it integrates with React, Preact, Vue, Redux, RxJS, AND vanilla JS.

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8. MLflow

MLflow logo

MLflow is a brand new open source platform built to manage the entire machine learning lifecycle. The motivation behind the project was that there are too many existing ML tools out there and too little convention. MLflow aims to bring some of that convention to the ecosystem and provide a way to easily track experiments and deploy models.

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9. Polly.js

Polly.js Logo

Netflix is back with another open source contribution. Polly.js is a framework-agnostic tool to record, replay, and stub HTTP interactions. It features support for both Fetch and XHR, Mocha and QUnit test helpers, and a simple API with little configuration needed.

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10. Bull

Bull Logo

Bull is a Redis-based queue for Node.js optimized for both jobs and messages. It comes with a ton of features like delayed jobs, global events, repeatable jobs, and priorities. Bull also has a very simple and intuitive API.

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