Enterprise-class, name-brand dedicated servers

What is SingleHop?

SingleHop's bare metal dedicated servers offer a unique blend of on-demand computing and dedicated, predictable performance. By combining cloud-style automated deployment with physical dedicated servers, customers are able to deploy fully private computing resources in hours, not days or weeks.

SingleHop is a tool in the Dedicated Cloud Hosting category of a tech stack.

Who Uses SingleHop?

Why people like SingleHop

Here’s a list of reasons why companies and developers use SingleHop.

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SingleHop's Features

  • Dedicated Resources
  • Wide Range of Operating Systems
  • Hybrid Capable
  • Extensible via REST API

SingleHop's alternatives

  • OVH - Dedicated infrastructure for your business
  • SoftLayer - SoftLayer provides on-demand IT infrastructure, dedicated servers and cloud resources.
  • Hetzner Online AG - Dedicated Hosting and Colocation Racks
  • Rackspace OnMetal - Single-tenant, Baremetal Cloud Servers from Rackspace
  • 10gbps.io - Dedicated servers tailored to fit every aspect of your business.

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