A small demo app targeted to be a party refreshments delivery service

  • Not my forte, but nginx was easy to implement in this project. Currently this implementation is serving two domains in the same server. :P

  • I believe in this scripting language, there is a lot to see in the future about JS. Fast!

  • JS serverside? OH YIS!

  • I like semantic HTML and believe in its usage...

  • Kinda outdated in this one... NG1.6, not liking the new approach on TS but I guess things are to evolve and we need to keep up... I'm watching you vuejs

  • I like to manage my packages as simple as possible... npm i -g npm. Whoa! npmception?

  • Free private repos! YAS!

  • Oh I fell in love when tried SASS the first time, modularizing and functions for all things... well not all but the most repeating ones.

  • Moving from gruntjs to gulpjs was a nice option, coding over setting was a game changer to me. Flexibility in my builds.

  • Well... ES6

  • The balance between price and options are just plain nice

  • I trusted Firebase since 2014 in other demo apps, real time transact operations over the front end using Angular and AngularFire. Quick to implement.

  • I like new implementations of ES in my code, at least the short approaches that makes my code look nice and more human readable

  • We don't want those pesky mistakes in our code... do we?

  • It has been proven right using a 1Gb RAM droplet on Digital Ocean... quick, lightweight, LINUX.