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What is Write Freely?

WriteFreely is a beautifully pared-down blogging platform that's simple on the surface, yet powerful underneath. It's designed to be flexible and share your writing widely, so it's built around plain text and can publish to the fediverse via ActivityPub. It's easy to install and lightweight.

Write Freely is a tool in the Self-Hosted Blogging / CMS category of a tech stack.

Write Freely is an open source tool with 928 Github Stars and 41 Github Forks. Here’s a link to Write Freely's open source repository on Github

Who Uses Write Freely?

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Why people like Write Freely

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Write Freely's Features

  • Start a blog for yourself, or host a community of writers
  • Form larger federated networks, and interact over modern protocols like ActivityPub
  • Write on a dead-simple, distraction-free and super fast editor
  • Publish drafts and let others proofread them by sharing a private link
  • Build more advanced apps and extensions with the well-documented API

Write Freely's alternatives

  • WordPress - A semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.
  • Drupal - Free, Open, Modular CMS written in PHP
  • Joomla! - A content management system helping both novice users and expert developers to create powerful websites and applications
  • Ghost - Just a blogging platform
  • Craft - A CMS built to do one thing and do it well: manage content

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