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Amazon CloudSearch enables you to search large collections of data such as web pages, document files, forum posts, or product information. With a few clicks in the AWS Management Console, you can create a search domain, upload the data you want to make searchable to Amazon CloudSearch, and the search service automatically provisions the required technology resources and deploys a highly tuned search index.

Amazon CloudSearch's Features
  • Simple to Configure – You can make your data searchable using the AWS Management Console, API calls, or command line tools. Simply point to a sample set of data, and Amazon CloudSearch automatically proposes a list of index fields and a suggested configuration.
  • Automatic Scaling For Data &
  • Traffic – Amazon CloudSearch scales up and down seamlessly as the amount of data or query volume changes.
  • Low Latency, High Throughput – Amazon CloudSearch always stores your index in RAM to ensure low latency and high throughput performance even at large scale. Amazon CloudSearch was created from the same A9 technology that powers search on
  • Rich Search Features – Amazon CloudSearch indexes and searches both structured data and plain text. It includes most search features that developers have come to expect from a search engine, such as faceted search, free text search, Boolean search, customizable relevance ranking, query time rank expressions, field weighting, and sorting of results using any field. Amazon CloudSearch also provides near real-time indexing of document updates.
  • Secure – Amazon CloudSearch uses strong cryptographic methods to authenticate users and prevent unauthorized control of your domains. Amazon CloudSearch supports HTTPS and includes web service interfaces to configure firewall settings that control network access to your domain.

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