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What is Apache Kafka on Heroku?

Apache Kafka is a distributed commit log for fast, fault-tolerant communication between producers and consumers using message based topics. Kafka provides the messaging backbone for building a new generation of distributed applications capable of handling billions of events and millions of transactions.
Apache Kafka on Heroku is a tool in the Kafka as a Service category of a tech stack.

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Priit Kaasik
Engineering Lead at Katana MRP · | 1 upvote · 1K views

Katana has grown 4x during 2020 and our #saas needed better decoupling and scaling of #Microservices on Heroku . Apache Kafka on Heroku won over Amazon Managed Streaming for Kafka because of the better fit with Heroku

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Apache Kafka on Heroku Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to Apache Kafka on Heroku?
Amazon Managed Streaming for Kafka
With Amazon MSK, you can use Apache Kafka APIs to populate data lakes, stream changes to and from databases, and power machine learning and analytics applications. Amazon Managed Streaming for Kafka makes it easy for you to build and run production applications on Apache Kafka without needing Apache Kafka infrastructure management expertise.
Dattell Managed Streaming for Kafka
It is a fully managed, high-throughput, distributed messaging system built on your cloud instances or on-prem servers. Our Managed Kafka solution is reliable with 99.99% uptime guaranteed, fault-tolerant, and ensures resilient message collection and processing, while allowing you to retain full authority over your data.
CloudKarafka automates every part of setup, running and scaling of Apache Kafka. CloudKarafka offers hosted publish-subscribe messaging systems in the cloud. With the ease of CloudKarafka you have a fully managed Kafka cluster up and running within two minutes, including a managed internal Zookeeper cluster on all nodes.

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