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Apportable lets you cross-compile your iOS app and re-use the same code across platforms.

Apportable's Features
  • No Java, HTML5 or JavaScript required. Using our platform, your unmodified app can run on Android devices automatically
  • Apportable compiles your app to run natively on Android, with speed and playability that rivals the iOS version
  • We bake in performance optimizations for the latest devices and firmware updates, and Android-specific functionality such as "Lights Out" mode, hardware specific buttons, and more
  • Handling Android's multiple markets can be a hassle. We'll handle the market-specific packaging, reformat your listing to fit their constraints and features, handle ratings, and even all the updates
  • We run your app through a professional QA pass on a huge range of devices
  • We monitor and respond to your store listings and support emails, and turn their feedback into priority updates.
  • We integrate GameKit features like multiplayer, leaderboards, and achievements using Google Play Game Services or Amazon GameCircle