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What is Cloudflare Stream?

Cloudflare Stream makes integrating high-quality streaming video into a web or mobile application easy. Using a single, integrated workflow through a robust API or drag and drop UI, application owners can focus on creating the best video experience.

Cloudflare Stream is a tool in the Media Transcoding category of a tech stack.

Who Uses Cloudflare Stream?

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Cloudflare Stream

Cloudflare Stream is an easy-to-use, affordable, on-demand video streaming platform. Stream seamlessly integrates video storage, encoding, and a customizable player with Cloudflare’s fast, secure, and reliable global network, so that you can spend less time managing video delivery and more time building and promoting your product. Cloudflare Stream

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Cloudflare Stream's Features

  • Scalable Encoding and Storage
  • Customizable Player
  • Instant Global Distribution
  • Built for Mobile

Cloudflare Stream's alternatives

  • Amazon Elastic Transcoder - Media transcoding in the cloud using Amazon EC2
  • Zencoder - Cloud-based video and audio encoding product suite
  • AWS Elemental MediaConvert - Process video files and clips to prepare on-demand content for distribution or archiving
  • AWS Elemental MediaLive - Encode live video for broadcast and streaming to any device
  • Panda - Dedicated video encoding in the cloud

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