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What is Zencoder?

Zencoder downloads the video and converts it to as many formats as you need. Every output is encoded concurrently, with virtually no waiting—whether you do one or one hundred. Zencoder then uploads the resulting videos to a server, CDN, an S3 bucket, or wherever you dictate in your API call.

Zencoder is a tool in the Media Transcoding category of a tech stack.

Who Uses Zencoder?

16 companies use Zencoder including Kickstarter, The 500 Startups Stack, and Treehouse.

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Zencoder's Features

  • Fastest Encoding Speeds- Zencoder consistently delivers the fastest encoding times in the cloud. Even HD Quality video is encoded faster than realtime.
  • Easy API Integration- Integrate in an afternoon with Zencoder's well documented API, easy-to-use API Request Builder, integration libraries, and dedicated support.
  • Any Video. Any Device.- Zencoder has an industry leading 99.9% encoding success rate and supports outputs for nearly every device on the market.
  • Unlimited Scalability- Zencoder is the largest encoding service provider by volume. Our cloud infrastructure scales instantly for you, giving you the power of large encoding clusters without ever paying for idle server time.
  • Apple HTTP Live Streaming- Streaming to iPad or iPhone? Zencoder supports Apple’s HLS standards guaranteeing beautiful video on all iOS devices.
  • 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed- We’ll always be here for you. Zencoder’s Service Level Agreement guarantees 99.9% uptime for all plans.

Zencoder's alternatives

  • Amazon Elastic Transcoder - Media transcoding in the cloud using Amazon EC2
  • Cloudflare Stream - Combine video encoding, global delivery, and player
  • AWS Elemental MediaConvert - Process video files and clips to prepare on-demand content for distribution or archiving
  • AWS Elemental MediaLive - Encode live video for broadcast and streaming to any device
  • Panda - Dedicated video encoding in the cloud

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