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Alex Step

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We used to use Google Analytics to get audience insights while running a startup and we are constantly doing experiments to lear our users. We are a small team and we have a lack of time to keep up with trends. Here is the list of problems we are experiencing: - Analytics takes too much time - We have enough time to regularly monitor analytics - Google Analytics interface is too advanced and complicated - It's difficult to detect anomalies and trends in GA

We considered other solutions on a market, but found 2 main issues: - The solution created for analytic experts - The solution is pretty expensive and non-automated

After learning this fact we decided to create AI-powered Slack bot to analyze Google Analytics and share trends. The bot is currently working and highlights trends for us.

We are thinking about publishing this solution as a SaaS. If you are interested in automating Google Analytics analysis, drop a comment and you'll get an early access.

We will implement this solution only if we have 20+ early adaptors. Leave a message with your thought. I appreciate any feedback.

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