Volt Lines

Volt Lines

A subscription based transportation service digitalizing employee transport with the latest technologies

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Can Arsoy

A very beneficial monitoring tool which enables application performance monitoring as well as custom monitoring options. We use this tool to log certain code-level parameters and variables and run custom queries on them using the NRQL languages.

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Baran Bartu Demirci

Head of Engineering at Volt Lines

As a small startup, maintaining all of our products and services would be difficult. During the growth phase, we preferred to focus on business logic instead of maintenance, thus, we started to work with Amazon Kinesis. Configurations like sharding and auto scaling can be changed easily on ec2 console. Also, it stores your data for up to 24 hours, lovely!

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Alaa Alzaibak

iOS Developer at Volt Lines

Easier to learn, code and maintain, runs faster, and has better memory management.

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Volt Lines

Owner at Volt Lines

We started to develop with vue.js at the beginning for the fast development and maintenance. The community was very proactive and there were thousands of libraries according to our needs. We highly suggest vue.js especially in small projects where you need speed.

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