In-memory, distributed job queue

What is Disque?

Disque is an ongoing experiment to build a distributed, in-memory, message broker. Its goal is to capture the essence of the "Redis as a jobs queue" use case, which is usually implemented using blocking list operations, and move it into an ad-hoc, self-contained, scalable, and fault tolerant design, with simple to understand properties and guarantees, but still resembling Redis in terms of simplicity, performance, and implementation as a C non-blocking networked server.

Disque is a tool in the Message Queue category of a tech stack.

Disque is an open source tool with 7.31K Github Stars and 513 Github Forks. Here’s a link to Disque's open source repository on Github

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Disque's alternatives

  • RabbitMQ - RabbitMQ is a messaging broker - an intermediary for messaging
  • Kafka - Distributed, fault tolerant, high throughput pub-sub messaging system
  • Amazon SQS - Fully managed message queuing service
  • Celery - Distributed task queue
  • ActiveMQ - A message broker written in Java together with a full JMS client

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