David Klotz
Recent Tech Decisions
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  • GitLab

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    We use our own self-hosted GitLab instance to store our source code repositories.

  • IntelliJ IDEA

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    For Java/Kotlin/Backend related work, IntelliJ is our current IDE of choice.

  • Slack

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    Slack is our main tool for companywide discussion and sharing.

  • Kotlin

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    We use Kotlin both in our Android App and increasingly in our polyglot backend services.

  • Java

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    Most of our backend services are based on JAX-RS REST APIs and services written in Java. Our information extraction and document analysis framework is also written in Java.

  • MongoDB

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    MongoDB is used to store most of our data, both user-related (e.g. documents, contacts etc.) and global.

  • Docker

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    All our backend services are containerized using Docker.

  • Git

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    All our source code lives in git repositories, and we make heavy use of feature branches, a pull request and code review based workflow.

  • JavaScript

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    Most of our web frontend code is built in JavaScript with Aurelia and GWT.

  • Akka

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    Akka powers our asynchronous document upload processor, handling e.g. tasks for OCR, thumbnail generation and document analysis.

  • Elasticsearch

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    Our own ElasticSearch cluster is used to provide fast fulltext search through all your documents and digitalized paperwork.

  • Aurelia

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    Our main web application is built on Aurelia and GWT.

  • J2ObjC

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    We use J2Objc and GWT to provide a shared library of cross-platform code that is used on all our client platforms (Android, iOS and the web) and even in the backend.