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Build your ideal application stack by combining powerful cloud services. Experiment for free, then go live and only pay for what you need. dotCloud enables developers and IT organizations to deploy, manage and scale their applications with unprecedented ease and flexibility by assembling and customizing powerful pre-configured stacks and services.

dotCloud's Features
  • Develop faster- Don’t waste time with servers. Just select the services you need, combine them in a stack, and get back to writing code. It’s like playing lego!
  • Don't worry about ops- We keep your app running 24/7 with built-in load-balancing, monitoring and failover. Scale in seconds to handle surges in traffic - and only pay for what you need.
  • Not just for throw-away apps- Create maintainable, future-proof applications with a service-oriented architecture. Build custom services and network topologies. Need custom support, pricing or SLAs? We do that too.