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System for collecting, deriving and querying facts about source code
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What is Glean?

It is a system for working with facts about source code. It is designed for collecting and storing detailed information about code structure, and providing access to the data to power tools and experiences from online IDE features to offline code analysis.
Glean is a tool in the Code Intelligence category of a tech stack.
Glean is an open source tool with 832 GitHub stars and 39 GitHub forks. Here’s a link to Glean's open source repository on GitHub

Who uses Glean?

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Glean's Features

  • Store detailed information about code
  • Store data about code at scale
  • Build experiences with deep insights from code

Glean Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to Glean?
It is an engineering productivity software. It gives CTOs, VPs of Engineering, and engineers visibility over their work, insights to remove any blockers, and, therefore, necessary tools to ship code faster and accelerate the engineering organization without compromising culture or quality.
Trunk is a developer experience (DevEx) toolkit that enables you to ship code quickly while maintaining the guardrails necessary for a large team. Use Trunk for checking, testing, merging, and monitoring your code.
It enables developers to uncover code runtime regressions, anomalies, and code smells, right from their IDE. By analyzing the runtime data Digma can make it impactful in new ways during dev.
It is a low-overhead logging/debugging/profiling tool that can trace and visualize your python code to help you intuitively understand your code and figure out the time consuming part of your code.
It enhances code review by identifying meaningful changes and grouping together related changesets. It also generates advanced code metrics & filter out the noise, helping you get reliable updates on how the repo is evolving.
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