1. We are used the PHP for online food ordering system development ( Back end programming language )

    2. Easy customize the modules and integrate the new features any time.

    1. Its used for all the client side validation ( Super admin modules, add & Edit restaurant, Add product catalogs, add merchant and customer), Customer signup, login, cart & checkout.

    2. Its used for ads and banners sliding, image zooming and content popup.

    • Its used for "Food Ordering System" with Mobile Responsive theme.

    • Custom email template ( Static and dynamic updates)

    • Cart and checkout modules.

    • Banners and ads management.

    • Restaurant listing and website ordering.

    • It support all the mobile browser compatibility.

    • We are used MySQL database to build the Online Food Ordering System

      • Its best support normalization and all joins ( Restaurant details & Ordering, customer management, food menu, order transaction & food delivery).
      • Best for performance and structured the data.
      • Its help to stored the instant updates received from food delivery app ( update the real-time driver GPS location).

    • Its used to check and validate all the web services API [ JSON Format] for branded customer mobile apps (iOS & Android) and food delivery app.

    • Its used for restaurant Geo location and find the nearest restaurant listing.

    • Find the customer location and delivery agent location tracking.

    • Calculate the distance between restaurant and customer location.