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Mina works really fast because it's a deploy Bash script generator. It generates an entire procedure as a Bash script and runs it remotely in the server. Compare this to the likes of Vlad or Capistrano, where each command is run separately on their own SSH sessions. Mina only creates one SSH session per deploy, minimizing the SSH connection overhead.

Mina's Features
  • Safe deploys. New releases are built on a temp folder. If the deploy script fails at any point, the build is deleted and it’d be as if nothing happened.
  • Locks. Deploy scripts rely on a lockfile ensuring only one deploy can happen at a time.
  • Works with anything. While Mina is built with Rails projects it mind, it can be used on just about any type of project deployable via SSH, Ruby or not.
  • Built with Rake. Setting up tasks will be very familiar! No YAML files here. Everything is written in Ruby, giving you the power to be as flexible in your configuration as needed.

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