Current toolset

  • Browser compatible Javascript is faster and more reliable using this well established library.

  • UI consistency across all website form design for all platforms.

  • Front end magic.

  • Primary development language for most websites.

  • Common database store for basic admin to advanced databases, high performance, highly maintainable.

  • High performance database for when performance really starts to matter.

  • Web standards for website rendering.

  • Front end form capabilities and animations, drag and drop, etc.

  • An excellent PHP framework employing SOLID principles to rapidly develop web-site systems and connect them to databases. Custom development of admin screens for website management.

  • Creating high performance servers and server software.

  • Making functional Javascript more concise and efficient (prefer more recent similar library, lodash).

  • Measuring website performance.

  • Integration of common office functionality with software.

  • A repository for GIT and software publishing.

  • A repository for GIT.

  • Safe software release management.

  • Fast website development for CMS competancy.

  • Agile planning and team management.

  • Consultations and meetings.

  • Full browser testing.

  • Location services integration.

  • Code editing.

  • Creating graphics, charts and animations on webpages.