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Pants is a build system for Java, Scala and Python. It works particularly well for a source code repository that contains many distinct projects.

Pants's Features
  • Builds Java, Scala, and Python.
  • Adding support for new languages is straightforward.
  • Supports code generation: thrift, protocol buffers, custom code generators.
  • Resolves external JVM and Python dependencies.
  • Runs tests.
  • Spawns Python and Scala REPLs with appropriate load paths.
  • Creates deployable packages.
  • Scales to large repos with many interdependent modules.
  • Designed for incremental builds.
  • Support for local and distributed caching.
  • Especially fast for Scala builds, compared to alternatives.
  • Builds standalone python executables (PEX files)
  • Has a plugin system to add custom features and override stock behavior.
  • Runs on Linux and Mac OS X.

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